This Belongs To Leslie

I have several tumblr blogs that I keep up with randomly. This is one of them. It has more of my journal type stuff in it: This Belongs to Leslie

I also do a lot of doodling because I love doodling and who doesn't really like to doodle. Also I love the word doodle. Who doesn't like the word doodle? I'm thinking villains. Villains don't like the word doodle! VILLAINS. - anyway - Tell Me What to Doodle

Lastly - I have a lovely blog about Tidbits of Knowledge that you can learn and then tell your friends while they stare at you like "Why do you even know that?" And then we can be friends because they do that to me too.  - Nesbits Tidbits - Pay attention to this last blog as I will be hopefully posting more videos soon!

Ya'll don't be jealous of my dumb blogs!


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